I created an animation for the KFC brief for YCN. The brief asked me to show how KFC chicken is handmade by people for people. I filmed myself with a chicken drumstick that has a bow around it which conveys how the chicken is handmade especially for the consumer like a present due to the bow. I rotoscoped each frame of this animation on After Effects which gave it a sketched out look which also conveys the handmade aspect. 
These are some posters I made for the KFC YCN Brief that I used the same idea of a chicken within a bow to represent it as a present to a customer. I also created the words "hand" and "made" by rolling ink over the stencils to give a hand made aesthetic to the typography. I used a KFC bag for the background of these posters as it reminds me of KFC as they always use the paper bags to put your food in.
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