I entered the D&AD New Blood Competition and chose Coors Light as my brief. I worked within a group of 3 and I created two of our animations that would be used as YouTube advertisements. The brief was to "create a digitally led campaign that makes 21-27 year olds stop, unplug, recharge and refresh with Coors Light." 
21-27 year olds live in an always switched on world. #RefreshTheMind slows down the audience and allows them to have a break from scrolling through their feeds or watching even more videos. It is a digitally led campaign that is spread across multiple platforms. #RefreshTheMind reminds the audience that their time to have a break with Coors Light is right now. 
We used the idea of ASMR for the animations of our project and wanted this to be something the audience would remember and would satisfy them to hear. This is why I used a loud ice crack sound for the ice animation and a satisfying pouring sound for the bubble animation as I felt that it would stick out in the audience's mind and remind them to have a break.

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